To learn more about kidney disease, so you can feel more in charge of your health and thrive, you can take a Kidney Care Education Class. The class covers:

  1. Symptoms and stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  2. Eating well with kidney disease
  3. Coping and getting support

Other Educational Resources:


National Kidney Disease Education Program

American Kidney Fund

UpToDate For Patients

Renal Research Institute

Polycystic Kidney disease Foundation

National Kidney Foundation

  • People with Hypertension in the US 29.1% 29.1%
  • People Aware they have hypertension 83% 83%
  • Taking meds for Hypertension 75.7% 75.7%
  • Hypertension is under control 51% 51%

Hypertension: High Blood Pressure, defined (at time of survey) as blood pressure more that 140/90

See: Glossary of Terms

Source: NHNES Data 2011-12