What is a Clinical Trial ?


A clinical trial is a research study to answer specific questions about new therapies. Clinical trials (also called medical research and research studies) are used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people.

Trials are in four phases:

Phase I tests a new drug or treatment in a small group;

Phase II expands the study to a larger group of people;

Phase III expands the study to an even larger group of people

Phase IV takes place after the drug or treatment has been licensed and marketed.


Current Research Trials


Our research division was established to bring advancements in renal field and cutting edge therapeutic options to our patients that are not otherwise available in market to improve quality of life and contributing to research community and science through conducting pharmaceutical and device clinical trials.

 Enrolling Studies

  1. Anemia in CKD
  2. Diabetic Nephropathy in CKD
  3. FSGS in CKD
  4. Hyperphosphatemia in dialysis
  5. Wearable defibrillator in dialysis
  6. Anemia in dialysis

For further information, please contact your physician or call research office  301-907-4646


For Sponsors


We are one of the largest kidney care providers in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia with twenty (20) Nephrologists. We have more than 60,000 patients that receive treatment in our 18 outpatient clinics and over 1500 hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry by providing high quality study results with rapid enrollment, reliable and clean clinical data with strict adherence to GCP guidelines and FDA regulations for patient care and protocol compliance.  

The key to our success is our committed, professional and friendly staff of researchers (Board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, experienced research coordinators) who maintain close oversight of all studies and focus on patient care and education. All of research staff members are trained on ICH/GCP guidelines and IATA. Our research staff has the knowledge of completion of regulatory documents expeditiously, accurate completion of case report forms and query response with multiple EDC systems, and IP dispensing and accountability. Additionally, our bilingual staff is key to patient enrollment and retention.

All our sites have capabilities to store drugs in lockable, temperature controlled cabinets and refrigerators with min and mx thermometers. We also have access to centrifuge, ECG machine, -20 freezer and dry ice. We have dedicated monitor areas with access to internet.