Is Kidney Transplant an Option for me?


Candidates for transplantation must be healthy enough to go through the surgery. Because heart risks are one of the primary hurdles to transplantation, optimizing your heart health is key to getting and maintaining a transplant.

How do I get a kidney?


Your nephrologist can refer you to a transplant center in DC, Maryland or Virginia. The center will evaluate you.  Once you pass all testing, you will be placed on the transplant waitlist, or, if there is a living donor, you may proceed to transplant.

Where do the transplanted kidneys come from?


Kidneys used for transplantation come from living donors or from deceased donors.  Living donors can be related to the recipient or can be any person willing to donate. Living donors do not have to match the blood type of the recipients.  Decease donor kidneys come from people who have recently died. There is a waitlist for deceased donor kidney transplants.


To Learn more about kidney disease, so you can feel more in charge of your health and thrive, you can take a Kidney Care Education Class. The class covers:

  1. Symptoms and stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  2. Eating well with kidney disease
  3. Coping and getting support

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